Torrent Freak Releases The Top Ten Illegally Downloaded TV Shows Globally In 2012

Ahh the yuletide figures speak for themselves as we’re getting a look see at how everything has performed this year – and well piracy is another one that’s been very active globally and it’s TV, not film, that wears the brunt of global piracy. Further to this the greatest piraters live outside of the U.S.

As you can pretty much expect, the main reason for the piracy is availability. It’s a global community these days and if people can’t get it legitimately when shows air they hit the torrents and can have it within minutes after it has aired.

Local TV carriers (Foxtel, FTA Channels) are taking active steps to secure content and air it in Australia within in hours or the latest days after it airs stateside.

And here’s the top ten shows on the leader board.

TV Torrents 2012 Top Ten