In Cinemas January – June, 2013 In Australia. 107 Titles. 181 Days.

RatingsAs 2012 winds to a close, we’ll be doing a year in overview early in the new year, it’s time to have a look at the wall of new films heading our way in the first 6 months of 2013. Please note that the dates are subject to change.

So for the first 181 days of 2013 there are no less than 107 films releasing in Australia that have been announced. There will be others that will come in, but below only features the 107 as confirmed via the MPDAA and cross checked against IMDB where possible.

Normally most films release on the Thursday of any given week with some exceptions for worldwide release dates, Indian titles (generally Friday starts) or special events.

For The 107 films that equates to the following

On average a film is releasing in Australia every 1.7 days.

By Month

JANUARY – 16 Releases (14.95% of total) – 1 every 1.94 days.

This is pretty much set in stone now. An even spread of releases across the holiday period generally showcases the premium pedigree or wide audience product. Being its generally the busiest trading month of the year this is where you’ll find most of the studios key releases.

FEBRUARY – 25 Releases (23.36% of total) – 1 every 1.12 days.

Oscar bait territory. This month, being the shortest month of the year, is releasing more films than any other. It’s gonna be a bloodbath of a month for releases – with the holdovers from Jan and the newbies vying for screen space. Though looking through the releases there’s a couple I suspect will move before too long. One I can pretty guarantee will go straight to home entertainment.

MARCH – 24 Releases (22.43% of total) – 1 every 1.29 days.

Post Oscars washout and heading into Easter its certainly the strongest non key holiday month of variety for audiences. Again this is going to be a blood letting month where films are going to be savaged to squeeze everything in.

APRIL – 16 Releases (14.95% of total) – 1 every 1.88 days.

Easter Holidays product and heading into the start of the U.S. summer releases with IRON MAN 3 to close the month. Here you can revisit JURASSIC PARK in 3D too!

MAY – 14 Releases (13.08% of total) – 1 every 2.14 days.

Getting busy with the tentpole season as IDENTITY THIEF, THE BIG WEDDING, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, THE HANGOVER PART 3 and THE GREAT GATSBY are all coming at you in this corridor.

JUNE – 12 Releases (11.21% of total) – 1 every 2.5 days.

U.S. Summer kicks into the Aussie release schedule as FAST & THE FURIOUS 6, AFTER EARTH, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, WORLD WAR Z, DESPICABLE ME 2, EPIC & 3D MAN OF STEEL all come at you.

It’s a really busy schedule and you’ll find the full list below. I wonder how much of the content the actual market will sustain, bearing in mind that not every release that is going out is one here and how much of it will get lost in the mix?

It’s not just about locking in a date to release the film – it’s also about cut through. How do you hear about films? In Cinemas? Bus Shelters? Outdoor Advertising? Radio? TV? Internet? Newspapers? Word Of Mouth? A fair mixture of all of them I’m hazarding a guess. If you’ve got a date and you have a wall of other films going in at the same time – how are you going to make your film stand out with the wall of messages on the other films in the same channels as you?

Looking at February 28, where there are currently 9 films releasing, that’s 9 different competitors using the same limited promotional corridors to announce their title to you. There’s only a finite number of avenues available to promote these films and when there is 9 teams all trying to snaffle these channels up – how much cut through to their audiences can they get?

It needs to be noted that these 9 titles are a mixture of wide and limited releases.

Or look at it this way – how do you give your flick a profile in a month where, on average, there is a different film releasing every 1.12 days?

Are there too many films being released into cinemas?

Is the Australian market big enough to sustain the huge surge of product being released into it?

Do you ever encounter a film that’s been and gone at the movies before you even knew it existed?

I certainly believe this is a problem that plagues the limited release market – niche market films are dying before they even get a chance to spread their wings due to a plethora of new product that keeps releasing around them. This has little to do with the quality of the film, though it certainly helps for word of mouth, but if the film doesn’t gross spectacularly in its opening weekend rest assured it’ll suffer reduced sessions to squeeze a new title in. Everything is driven for your opening weekend result – if you don’t get one – it’s all over red rover.

But if you want an idea of the health of limited releases grab out your local art house cinema guide – my guarantee to you is that they are all playing the mainstream titles more often than not now and that the % of titles favour the mainstream over the limited. They have to do it in order to survive.

Let’s get talking about this – let’s open the forum – I’d love to know your thoughts!

Here’s the line up – please note dates are subject to change. (via MPDAA)

1 January 3D Life Of Pi
3 January Jack Reacher
7 January 3D The Last Reef
10 January 3D Paranorman
  Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola
  Gangster Squad
17 January 3D Monsters Inc
  This Is 40
  You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
24 January The Guilt Trip
  Django Unchained
  The Impossible
31 January Zero Dark Thirty
  Silver Linings Playbook
7 February 3D Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
  Whole Lotta Sole
  Movie 43
14 February West Of Memphis
  The Sweeney
  Safe Haven
  Anna Karenina
21 February 3D Cirque De Soliel World’s Away
  Beautiful Creatures
  The Collection
  The Last Stand
  Cloud Atlas
  Roman Polanksi A Film Memoir
28 February Amour
  The Imposter
  The Paperboy
  Playing For Keeps
  21 And Over
  Save Your Legs
  I Give It A Year
7 March 3D Oz The Great & Powerful
  The Lookout
  A Late Quarter
  Broken City
  Great Expectations
  Side Effects
14 March 3D Hara-Kiri
  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  Dark Skies
21 March 3D Jack The Giant Slayer
  A Good Day To Die Hard
  About Time
28 March 3d The Croods
  3D G.I. Joe Retaliation
  Rust & Bone
  Hyde Park On Hudson
  The Host
  Escape From Planet Earth
4 April Saving General Yang
  The Heat
  3D Jurassic Park
  Nim’s Island 2
  Olympus Has Fallen
11 April Camille Rewinds
  For Greater Glory
  Therese Desqueyroux
  Scary Movie 5
  Warm Bodies
18 April Bullet To The Head
  The Company You Keep
25 April Haute Cuisine
  Iron Man 3
2 May The Evil Dead
  Identity Thief
  Promised Land
9 May Still
  Arthur Newman
  Welcome To The Punch
  The Big Wedding
  The Place Beyond The Pines
16 May 3D Star Trek Into Darkness
  Happiness Never Comes Alone
23 May In The House
  The Hangover Part 3
30 May 3d The Great Gatsby
6 June Fast & The Furious 6
  After Earth
  Now You See Me
13 June 3D Epic
  The Best Offer
  The Internship
20 June World War Z
  3D Despicable Me 2
  3D Monsters University
27 June 3D Man Of Steel
  White House Down
  The Look Of Love