Rumour: Rocksteady Developing ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Prequel

Batman ArkhamMy thanks to IGN for the heads up here – word on the street is that ROCKSTEADY are developing a prequel to BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY & BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM that would see our beloved Bats encounter THE JOKER for the first time. IGN are also suggesting that this one would be set in the Silver Age where Batman existed amidst the multiverse and interacted with other superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and The Green Lantern. Its a solid rumour given that WB are currently working on a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie (DC’s version of THE AVENGERS) and this could tie in perfectly.

Personally, me likies my Batman dark, brooding and flying solo. I’d rather see it continue on after ARKHAM CITY and make Bats face off with KILLER CROC or KYLIE MINOGUE.

What are your thoughts?