Nicolas Cage Is Headed To Faith Based Films In ‘Left Behind’ Reboot

Left BehindAhh the meteoric rise and spectacular descent of Nicolas Cage who was, in the late 90’s, one of the most in demand and highest paid actors. But like all careers, he’s gone and done some varied things and his performances have become more and more exaggerated and overblown than what’s probably necessary (Check out the best bits of THE WICKER MAN remake above – you get what I mean).

Anywho LEFT BEHIND, a series of ow budget faith based movies in the U.S. that starred God Botherer Kirk Cameron, is getting a big reboot and none other than GHOST RIDER himself is jumping on board to take the lead. Saddling up for some LEFT BEHIND reboot action is ONE TREE HILL star CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY.

The LEFT BEHIND series of books has 16 entries. So this could be the franchise for CAGE to rest his laurels on. NIC CAGE – erratically overdoing it for the Lord!

From Wikipedia: Left Behind is a series of 16 best-selling novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, dealing with Christian dispensationalist End TimespretribulationpremillennialChristian eschatological viewpoint of the end of the world. The primary conflict of the series is the members of the Tribulation Force against the Global Community and its leader Nicolae Carpathia—the AntichristLeft Behind is also the title of the first book in the series. The series was first published 1995-2007 by Tyndale House, a firm with a history of interest indispensationalism.

The series has been adapted into three action thriller films with the fourth being discussed byCloud Ten Pictures. The films are Left Behind: The MovieLeft Behind II: Tribulation Forceand Left Behind: World at War. The series also inspired the PC game “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” and its sequels, “Left Behind: Tribulation Forces” and “Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist”.