Bryan Singer To Bring ‘The Twilight Zone’ Back To TV.

Bryan SingerWith a new film version of THE TWILIGHT ZONE already in the works over at Warner Bros (that was supposed to be directed by Matt Reeves but he left the project to do DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES) the property is also gaining momentum for the small screen as the one and only Bryan Singer has come on board to develop a new TV series based on the original hit show.

It’s like I always say Darl.. Is Bryan. Is Good. Bryan recently tried to reboot THE MUNSTERS with MOCKINGBIRD LANE and has had his hand in HOUSE and the online series H+. Currently the Singer is developing the feature film X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURES PAST for FOX. His next big screen outing is JACK THE GIANT SLAYER in March 2013.

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