Aussies Are Jumping On The Digital Download Train! More Than $60m In The First 7 Months Of 2012!

RatingsThe Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association (AHEDA) are suggesting that the full 2012 year tally will hit $120m based off the figures released by the first survey into the new market by IHS. This represents a year on year growth of over 60%. Don Groves from Deadline reports:

The stats reflect VOD and EST sales logged by all major U.S. distributors and Australian independents. VOD accounted for 64% of the transactions and 54% of revenue. The survey covered about 90% of the Australian market but did not provide breakdowns of sales on individual platforms such as iTunes or Foxtel On Demand. AHEDA expects to release full year data in February. – Don Groves, Deadline.

It’s a reality that you can see affecting the DVD/Blu Ray market with video stores closing frequently and the major home entertainment retailers having reduced cost and multiple purchase incentives ongoing. It’s not a special event, it’s a constant offer these days. Do you download your content?

My thanks to Don Groves for the heads up!