U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Dec 14 – 16, 2012 (The Hobbit Dominates, Rise Of The Guardians, Lincoln & Skyfall Duke It Out For 2nd – 4th)

ThorinYou gotta love multi formats, going out on 2D, 3D, 3D 48fps and 3D IMAX certainly paved the way for the record breaking opening weekend of 3D THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY this weekend. Off 4,047 screens the film raked in $84.78m at the box office, setting a new December opening weekend record that was held by 2007’s Will Smith starrer I AM LEGEND on $77.2m. That’s a $21,000 screen average for the flick and with MONSTERS INC 3D RE-ISSUE opening wednesday and CIRQUE DE SOLEIL & JACK REACHER Friday the film should remain on top of the Box Office until Friday. In comparison to the LOTR trilogy here’s how it stands.




Film Series

Opening W/End % Diff Previous Lifetime Gross % W/E Of Gross

LOTR Fellowship Of The 

$47,211,490 $315,544,750


LOTR Two Towers

$62,007,528 31.34% $342,551,365 18.10%
LOTR Return Of The Kin $72,629,713 17.13% $377,845,905


3D The Hobbit: $84,775,000 16.72% $353,229,167


I’m assuming the lifetime gross will be in the mid $350m’s based on the Christmas corridor with all the pedigree releases coming in the next 5 weeks and the reduction in multi format tier pricing will drop over the weeks, inflating the opening weekend gross percentage higher than the other instalments.

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS (3,387 prints) held out modestly against the might of THE HOBBIT and the resurgence of LINCOLN (which almost pipped it for 2nd place). Coming in with $7.42m for the weekend RISE has now grossed $71.3m (not the big disaster that the industry slammed on it when it opened) and should be able to forge its way to $90m between now and mid January. It faces stiff competition this Wednesday, though, as MONSTERS INC 3D RE-ISSUE releases and the U.S. uptake on these are huge.

LINCOLN (2,285 prints) clicks past $107m to take 3rd in the States on $7.24m, the film just keeps sitting and earning with a screen average of $46k on its lifetime gross (the film has never been higher than about 2,500 prints since release). Here’s a look at the films of Steven Spielberg (actual unadjusted figures) and how they’ve performed in the U.S.

Film Release Date Opening W/End Lifetime Gross
E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial 11/06/1982 $11,835,389 $435,110,554
Jurassic Park 11/06/1993 $47,026,828 $357,067,947
Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The C 22/05/2008 $100,137,835 $317,101,119
Jaws 20/06/1975 $7,061,513 $260,000,000
Raiders Of The Lost Ark 12/06/1981 $8,305,823 $248,159,971
War Of The Worlds 29/06/2005 $64,878,725 $234,280,354
The Lost World: Jurassic Park 23/05/1997 $72,132,785 $229,086,679
Saving Private Ryan 24/07/1998 $30,576,104 $216,540,909
Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade 24/05/1989 $29,355,021 $197,171,806
Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom 23/05/1984 $25,337,110 $179,870,271
Catch Me If You Can 25/12/2002 $30,053,627 $164,615,351
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 16/11/1977 $5,379,460 $132,088,635
Minority Report 21/06/2002 $35,677,125 $132,072,926
Hook 11/12/1991 $13,522,535 $119,654,823
Lincoln 09/11/2012 $944,308 $107,898,000
The Color Purple 20/12/1985 $1,710,333 $98,467,863
Schindler’s List 15/12/1993 $656,636 $96,065,768
War Horse 25/12/2011 $7,515,402 $79,884,879
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 29/06/2001 $29,352,630 $78,616,689
The Terminal  18/06/2004 $19,053,199 $77,872,883
The Adventures Of Tin Tin 21/12/2011 $9,720,993 $77,591,831
Munich 23/12/2005 $4,152,260 $47,403,685
Amistad 10/12/1997 $4,573,523 $44,229,441
Always 22/12/1989 $3,713,480 $43,858,790
1941 14/12/1979 $2,701,898 $31,755,742
Empire Of The Sun 11/12/1987 $1,314,509 $22,238,696
The Sugarland Express 31/03/1974 $0 $7,500,000
Totals $566,689,051 $4,036,205,612
Average $20,988,483 $149,489,097
Average True Story / Historical Drama $10,054,990 $95,521,748

LINCOLN is currently Spielberg’s 15th highest grossing feature and by the time its through it should outgross HOOK. Being its getting nominated like wildfire in all the major awards, it should kick the film along and might provide some upswing if it snags any Best Picture nods early next year. The Christmas holidays should help too.

SKYFALL (2,924 prints) takes out 4th for $7m and a lifetime gross of $272.3m. This puppy in bearing down on THE TWILIGHT SAGA BREAKING DAWN PART 2 (6th), which is sitting on $276.8m lifetime and could outgross the film before it finishes in cinemas. All chances are in SKYFALL’s favour as BREAKING DAWN winds down but there’s a bit of competition coming this Friday in the release of JACK REACHER.

3D LIFE OF PI (2,548 screens) rounds out the top 5 with $5.4m for the weekend. Ang Lee’s flick has now amassed a $64.5m domestic gross in the States as it begins to wind down. A very solid performance for the upscale title.

Figures from Collider, Deadline and Box Office Mojo.

Title Weekend Total
1.  The Hobbit $84,775,000 $84.7
2.  Rise of the Guardians $7,420,000 $71.3
3.  Lincoln $7,244,000 $107.8
4.  Skyfall $7,000,000 $272.3
5.  Life of Pi $5,400,000 $64.5
6.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 $5,175,000 $276.8
7.  Wreck-It Ralph $3,273,000 $168.7
8.  Playing for Keeps $3,247,000 $10.8
9.  Red Dawn $2,394,000 $40.8
10.  Silver Linings Playbook $2,084,000 $16.9