Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up Dec 13 – 16, 2012 (Skyfall Holds The Flag, Guardians #2, Pitch Perfect For 3rd)

hr_Skyfall_62Well it was a weekend that we predicted and man it fell pretty to the numbers we’d forecasted. SKYFALL held the throne again for another $3.2m into the kitty bringing its gross to $37.2m. The film has held the crown since opening and though it’ll will lose it come Boxing Day it’ll be in the top 4 for opening week of the holidays. That means it’ll smash past $40m and I’m tellin’ ya it’s eying down THE DARK KNIGHT!!

3D RISE OF THE GUARDIANS came in solid with a $2.5m opening weekend and from here, although it’ll be 2nd choice to WRECK IT-RALPH from Boxing day, it should kick along to a $15m+ result before she’s done.

PITCH PERFECT held 3rd with another circa $2m weekend for its 2nd go round. Nothing to fear here as the film sails toward $7m either today or tomorrow and when the holidays kick in it’ll sail past $14m before its done too. This is one to hang onto. There’s nothing for teen/young adult girls and that is a MASSIVE audience in Australia.

Everything else below here is on the way out – TWILIGHT has pulled up hard, PITCH PERFECT had a big part to play here and you’ll see it leave most cinemas by Christmas. It’s also time to bid farewell to HERE COMES THE BOOM, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, ARGO, THE INTOUCHABLES, RED DAWN and MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS from Christmas on. They’ll all be off screens pretty much everywhere.

On the limited front LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED took to lead on the 3 new openers on $104k, with PARIS MANHATTAN on $66k and LIBERAL ARTS on $59k. Pretty soft weekend in the upscales this weekend. It’ll be a case of maintaining cosmetic sessions of the flicks until Boxing Day where QUARTET, SIGHTSEERS, SAMSARA and pretty much all of the big mainstream flicks will take over. Films like THE SESSIONS, THE MASTER, KHALADI 786, BACK TO 1942, MASQUERADE, SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN, DIANA VREELAND, GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE ANGEL’S SHARE and ROBOT & FRANK will all be departing cinemas come Christmas.


For this coming week with nothing really releasing bar THE GUILLOTINES (Limited Martial Arts) and DABAANG 2 (Bollywood), the rankings won’t change and the numbers should hold with a spike in RISE & PITCH PERFECT once all the kids are off school and driving their parents crazy!

Figures from MPDAA

1. 007 SKYFALL – SON – Week 4 – $3.192m – cume $37.2m

2. 3D RISE OF THE GUARDIANS – PAR – Week 1 – $2.51m – cume $3.531m

3. PITCH PERFECT – UNI – Week 2 – $1.947m – cume $6.818m

4. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT 2 – HOY – Week 5 – $696k – cume $27.35m

5. HERE COMES THE BOOM – SON – Week 2 – $382k – cume $1.129m

6. THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER – RDS – Week 3 – $344k – cume $2.55m

7. ARGO – RDS – Week 8 – $187k – cume $10.42m

8. THE INTOUCHABLES – RDS – Week 8 – $171k – cume $5.037m

9. RED DAWN – RDS – Week 3 – $122k – cume $1.07m

10. THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS – UNI – Week 2 – $121k – cume $364k