Alice’s 2 Line Review – Trouble With The Curve – See Clint Eastwood Be Very Bad Tempered & Difficult To Like! Or Perhaps Do Something Else With Your Time.

This should be really simple: Clint Eastwood does his grumpy, squinty thing while baseball games are played, tears are jerked and life lessons are learned. But for some reason director Robert Lorenz has taken a foolproof formula, added in large tracts of heavy-handed sermonising, and come up with a movie that’s about as much fun as standing in line at the bank.

Was Lorenz nervous directing in front of Eastwood for the first time, or did everyone just turn up on set with a hangover? We have Amy Adams coming off bored instead of steely, John Goodman cloying instead of cuddly, and Justin Timberlake just plain confused at why everyone is so mad all the time. Isn’t this supposed to be a baseball movie?

There are a few moments when runs are scored and it feels like you’re going to get some kind of payoff for all the grunting and mumbling you’ve endured. Die-hard baseball fanatics might, but the rest of us are going to walk out pretty grumpy ourselves.

TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE is currently in release in AUSTRALIA