Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up Dec 6 – Dec 9, 2012 (Skyfall Holds The Throne, Pitch Perfect Impresses)

As predicted 007 SKYFALL held the top spot at the Aussie Box Office for the 3rd week in a row and it will sit on top until Boxing Day when the big holiday fare releases. With a 3rd weekend haul of $4.67m, SKYFALL has now smashed past $32m domestically and is set to knock out CASINO ROYALE and become the highest grossing Bond film of all time here in Australia in the coming weeks. There’s no stopping Bond now and he should easily crack $40m before the season is done – which will also make this film the highest grossing release in Australia from Sony Pictures Releasing!

PITCH PERFECT came in 2nd, as we predicted, with an extremely solid $2.59m. This puppy is poised to be a sleeper hit as word of mouth is uniformly excellent and there is nothing releasing in the summer window frame that is directly targeted at teen girls. The film is already over performing to U.S. pro rata and there’s no reason PITCH PERFECT won’t sail past $12m. As more schools break up this week and there’s plenty of kids on the loose PITCH PERFECT will hold strong in the lead up to Christmas which will ensure its strong play off throughout January. It should be noted that PITCH PERFECT also had the highest screen average in the country too!

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART TWO slips to 3rd with $1.1m as the Forks finale begins to slow down. Crossing $26m (Fwar!) Bella and her band of supernatural bitches should be able to hit the $28m+ mark before she bows out. What a finish!

HERE COMES THE BOOM was always gonna be a tough one to sell in the Aussie market and off 162 screens the flick delivered a $490k result. Sony did a great job on TV advertising but I think the idea of MMA themed flicks really struggle here. Roadshow’s WARRIOR (which is frikkin’ awesome!) failed in Australia too. Expect this to be done to and dusted come Jan 3. To come in 4th, though, it’s a solid ranking.

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER holds out 5th for another $477k. Only 37% off week on week against the might of PITCH PERFECT and TWILIGHT. The film has just crossed $1.9m and should finish its run by Boxing Day in most locations with a national gross $2.4m. (Go you little trooper!)

THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS took out 9th on $157k and you’ll see it play up until Christmas and be pretty off everywhere after that. TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE will meet the same fate with a 10th place haul of $132k.

The new week will be the one where you’ll see pretty much everything from #3 down here play until Christmas and then come off to make way for the new holiday films.

Figures from MPDAA

1. 007 SKYFALL – Week 3 – SON – $4,656,712 – cume $32,229,512

2. PITCH PERFECT – Week 1 – UNI – $2,597,659 – cume $3,567,899

3. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART TWO – Week 4 – HOY – $1,128,494 – $26,161,140

4. HERE COMES THE BOOM – Week 1 – SON – $489,946 – cume $489,946

5. THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER – Week 2 – RDS – $477,002 – cume $1,902,394

6. RED DAWN – Week 2  – RDS – $217,267 – cume $819,335

7. ARGO – Week 7 – RDS – $210,215 – cume $10,140,684

8. THE INTOUCHABLES – Week 7 – RDS – $200,270 – cume $4,762,564

9. THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS – Week 1 – UNI – $157,374 – cume $164,374

10. TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE – Week 1 – RDS – $132,276 – cume $132,276