Schapelle Corby: The Telemovie Is On The Way – ‘Schapelle’

Channel Nine & Fremantle Media are teaming up for SCHAPELLE, a tele movie based on Schapelle Corby’s infamous arrest and imprisonment on drug trafficking. Based on the novel SINS OF THE FATHER by Eamonn Duff, the story will follow Schapelle’s journey from the holiday that ended it all to the imprisonment and media onslaught.

No news as to who should play her but I think Ray Meagher (Alf from Home & Away) should give it a go. Or maybe Angela Bishop?

Crack out your boogie boards gang SCHAPELLE is coming!

You can just see it now, sitting at Nan’s on a Sundee night in Bathurst with your cuppa tea ‘tsk’ing all the way through this muttering ‘Stupid girl’, ‘oh you poor love’,’what was she thinking?’ and ‘my word Alf does a great job in this role’.