Alice’s Two Line Review – Celeste & Jesse Forever – Andy Samberg Is No Longer On A Boat. He’s In A Really Fantastic Movie.

This film runs the risk of losing out at the box office because people will think they’ve already seen it. So don’t think that. This isn’t When Harry Met Sweet Home Alabama and got Knocked Up. It’s really funny. It’s really touching. And it’s one of those rare romantic comedies that knows relationships are as multi-layered as the people in them.

So Jesse – some kind of artist – is separating from his wife and first love Celeste – a high-powered ad-exec-something-something. It honestly doesn’t matter what they do for a living, because they feel like friends of yours from the first scene. Celeste is that girl you know who buries her feelings in her job, and Jesse is that guy who’s really good at making stuff, but never really got the break he needed. They’re both good people. Things are just complicated.

Spending 90 minutes watching these two break up might not sound like your idea of a fun Tuesday evening, but director Lee Toland Krieger tells their story with so much warmth that you can’t help but care. Samberg graduates from The Lonely Island with flying colours, and Rashida Jones gives us a much needed example of a romantic female lead that isn’t all about shiny hair and crying. They both know that funny love stories don’t have to be ridiculous to get our attention – they just have to be human.