The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two The Highest Grossing Entry Of The Franchise Internationally!

What a swan song for the franchise as it holds out the #1 spot in the U.S. for a 3rd week in a row with another $17.4m in the kitty. With the U.S. domestic cume at $255m and the international box office now at $447m BREAKING DAWN PART TWO now stands at $702m globally and looks to pass NEW MOON’s $709m worldwide gross within days.

It’s a crackerlacking result (thanks Chris Rock!) and let’s have a captains at how the series has performed here and in the United States (figures from Box Office Mojo, IBOE):

Australia Opening Weekend Total Gross % Total Pro Rata
Twilight $5,413,654 $22,197,908 1.67% 11.52%
New Moon $16,099,648 $38,715,604 2.92% 13.05%
Eclipse $12,990,707 $32,165,865 2.43% 10.70%
Breaking Dawn Part 1 $12,108,303 $28,839,989 2.18% 10.25%
Breaking Dawn Part 2 $12,490,775 $24,500,000 1.85% 9.62%
Total   $146,419,366   11.04%
United States Opening Weekend Total Gross % Total
Twilight $69,637,740 $192,769,854 14.54%
New Moon $142,839,137 $296,623,634 22.37%
Eclipse $64,832,191 $300,531,751 22.67%
Breaking Dawn Part 1 $138,122,261 $281,287,133 21.22%
Breaking Dawn Part 2 $141,067,634 $254,593,000 19.20%
Total   $1,325,805,372  

For AUSTRALIA – BREAKING DAWN PART TWO is going to struggle to hit $30m, it should tap out around $28.5m mark and equalise with last years BREAKING DAWN PART ONE. This makes the franchise a $150m property in Australia and man what a result. All of the films have over-performed to pro rata U.S. (north of 10%) and NEW MOON will remain the top dog of the series here. BREAKING DAWN PART TWO will come in as the 6th highest grossing film of 2012 for AUSTRALIA.

For the UNITED STATES – BREAKING DAWN PART TWO should finish up around the $285m as well, eclipsing PART ONE but won’t come in as high as NEW MOON or their domestic winner ECLIPSE. It’s a stunning finish for the series all in all which has delivered a $1.35bn box office to the country.