Aza’s 2 Line Review – Pitch Perfect – It’s ‘Bring It On’ For The New Generation. An Exuberant & Energetic Comedy That Quips Way More Than It Quivers!

PITCH PERFECT spoke directly to my inner teenage cheerleading champion girl that has been left alone pretty much since BRING IT ON with the exceptions of MEAN GIRLS and EASY A. She was very happy to see me when the lights went down and the film started tonight. (And can I just add she’s looking trim, taut and terrific these days! Neglect works wonders) 

Chronicling the journey of ‘outsider’ Beca’s first year at a new university, PITCH PERFECT sees our heroine join an Accapella group with dreams of winning nationals. (Essentially the plot is BRING IT ON with Cheering out and Accapella in). So while you can expect a well worn trail in terms of plot devices and story, the reason why PITCH PERFECT wins is because the script is loaded with quips, fast one liners, energetic story telling and enough modern day music cues to make the soundtrack a hit too.

Anna Kendrick leads the cast which includes Aussie Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin and Elizabeth Banks (who also produced the film) among others. There’s not one moment throughout the film where these guys aren’t having fun, it exudes off the screen, you can tell this would’ve been a fun film to make. Expect wildly inappropriate humour here and there, delightfully offbeat characters and to top it off some pretty awesome sing offs as well.

For Australia in particular this puppy, which releases Thursday, is the sort of film that’s gonna play right through Summer as with all the pedigree titles going out into the market place – there’s nothing for the teens. This is CENTER STAGE but funnier, SAVE THE LAST DANCE but way more entertaining, HONEY minus Jessica Alba + Singing, BRING IT ON without cheerleading or Eliza Dushku (which is a big loss because let’s be honest the world is a much better place when Eliza Dushku is front and centre) and it’s gonna work. It’s gonna work big time.

PITCH PERFECT is such a fun treat and yeah guys you can watch it too, don’t dismiss it as it’s a real surprise at how entertaining this is!