Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up Thu Nov 29 – Sun Dec 2, 2012 (The Holdovers Hold The Crown, Perks Surprises, Red Dawn Didn’t Make It Past Sunrise, The Intouchables #2 All Time Frenchie)

Essentially a repeat performance of last weekend with lesser grosses – it really was only 2 holdovers than did major business and the rest peppered the edges. 007 SKYFALL won’t be stopped again this coming weekend though the battle for #2 spot will be on with my gut telling me that PITCH PERFECT will take that spot away from TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART TWO.

As predicted there was no stopping 007 SKYFALL from taking the top spot for weekend #2 in Australia as it charged to a $7.9m result. That’s a 35% week on week drop from its massive first weekend take and a stunning hold all things considered. The film, as we’ve already discussed, has no competition until Boxing Day and you can expect it to stay #1 until December 26, 2012. The film has now completely outgrossed THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART TWO as its cume crosses $25m today.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART TWO held out 2nd place, as predicted, for a $2.4m weekend. That’s a 50% weekend on weekend drop as the franchise finale begins to pull up fast here. Currently sitting on a robust $24.4m domestically, the film faces a bit of competition this week with PITCH PERFECT rolling out and the mighty $30m is looking a little unlikely now for Bella & Edward’s swan song.

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER took out 3rd on $760k 0ff 182 prints which is a surprising result. This charming little films greatest achievement is that it held off a much bigger cast lead film in RED DAWN (Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas) to nab the bronze. Sure the gross isn’t extraordinarily high but word of mouth on the film is gold and, as long as PITCH PERFECT doesn’t kick its butt, PERKS should be able to float around until Boxing Day as a quiet little earner. Australia – really impressed that you’ve taken to this flick (I loved it.)

RED DAWN flops big time in Australia to a 4th spot $380k. That’s running at 2.71% pro rata to the U.S. opening weekend of $14m. This 2009 flick just didn’t get any traction under the weight of 007 SKYFALL. Reviews were average across the board in Australia and this puppy will be done and dusted come December 16,2012.

ARGO holds out 5th for a$370k weekend as it bears down on a $10m domestic gross. It’s only off 15% weekend on weekend and preliminary congratulations on cracking the big $10m after 6 weeks of play off.

TALAASH smashes it’s way into 6th position off 23 prints to deliver the 2nd highest screen average in the country with $13k for a $300k weekend gross. You can’t stop the Indian flicks when they put a headline star in them. What a great result! normally most Indian releases gross around $300k for their life at the box office but in recent months this sector is really growing and they premium products are hitting the $500k, as this one should too.

THE INTOUCHABLES remains in the top ten at #7 for a $290k weekend which brings it’s domestic gross to $4.4m and now makes it the 2nd highest grossing French Film in Australian Box Office History.

FUN SIZE, much like the U.S., fell apart at the box office here. Victoria Justice’s first foray in the film limped at the turnstiles here for a $280k result. With RISE OF THE GUARDIANS sneaking this weekend, PITCH PERFECT coming in and a deluge of holiday product on the way I’d expect to see FUN SIZE gone by December 16/Boxing Day in most locations. She is just not a star here and this one will find its audience in home entertainment.

1. 007 SKYFALL – Week 2 – SPR – $7.9m – cume $25m

2. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT 2 – Week 3 – HOY – $2.4m – cume $24.4m

3. THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER – Week 1 – RDS – $760k – cume $760k

4. RED DAWN – Week 1 – RDS – $380k – cume $380k

5. ARGO – Week 6 – RDS – $370k – cume $9.81m

6. TALAASH – Week 1 – DRE – $300k – cume $300k

7. THE INTOUCHABLES – Week 6 – RDS – $290k – cume $4.4m

8. FUN SIZE – Week 1 – PAR – $280k – cume $280k

9. SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS – Week 3 – EONE/HOP – $110k – cume $1.92m

10. THE SESSIONS – Week 3 – FOX – $101k – cume $1.01m

Figures from IBOE.