Remembering A Classic – Crowded House – Together Alone (1993)

I tend to gab on a lot about movies but my other great love is music. Music from here, there and everywhere. The cues of my life, my memories, joys and losses are all attached to songs. And this album, for me, is the finest achievement from the institution that is Crowded House. Whether you grew up in Australia or New Zealand in the 1980’s you couldn’t go past Neil Finn, Paul Hester, Nick Seymour and Mark Hart (who was a touring guitarist with the band until he was asked to join the band for Together Alone) – the band Crowded House. The sheer breath of hits that they had is stuff of music legend and while most will swansong about their self titled album, Woodface and Temple Of Low Men – it’s their final album in 1993 before they re-emerged that knocks my socks off everytime – TOGETHER ALONE.

This is a mood driven album that showcases not only Finn’s strongest songwriting of any of their albums, it also is a prime example of a dateless piece. The album is still as resonant now as it was in 1993 when it released.

TOGETHER ALONE was recorded at Karekare Beach in New Zealand and that intimate, peaceful location echoes through the album, forgoing the boisterous bright pop of previous works TOGETHER ALONE heaps on mood and atmosphere in generous helpings.

Leading into the radiosphere with its hit first single DISTANT SUN (an instantly recognisable Crowdie classic) and followed by the fan favourite moodpiece PRIVATE UNIVERSE – the album hit the top of the New Zealand charts and peaked at #2 in Australia.

I remember being 15 when I got this album and still love it just as much. If you’ve never experienced it click on through the songs below – CROWDED HOUSE were (and are) so much more than their singles.

The album is loaded with spectacular songs – from the opener KARE KARE (which really sets the mood), to the bright funk of IN MY COMMAND, the grace of NAILS IN MY FEET, the growl of BLACK & WHITE BOY, the intoxicating FINGERS OF LOVE and the blissful PINEAPPLE HEAD to name but a few…

The crowning achievement of all of them is the closing track – the title track TOGETHER ALONE. A broken hearted lullaby with a gorgeous Maori Chant that still gives me goosebumps.

Enjoy! I hope you love it as much as I do – and if this is your first time – welcome it’s great to have you!