U.S. Box Office Weekend Round Up Fri Nov 23 – Sun Nov 25, 2012 – Highest Grossing Thanksgiving Weekend In History & Twilight Wins It!

What a bountiful weekend at the Box Office the U.S. just had, raking in the highest box office in the holiday corridor (5 day) ever. Everything worked in the States and it delivered some absolutely massive results and it was the holdovers (or films that have been released) that held the top 3 slots.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART TWO (4,070 screens) reigned supreme with a $43m result to take it’s 2 week haul to $226.9m domestically. That’s a gigantic 2nd week hold coming off a $135m opening weekend and the film is set to become the highest grossing in the franchise there within the next 3 weeks. ECLIPSE is the highest grosser on $300m. What a way to finish the series.

SKYFALL (3,526 screens)held out 2nd place with $36m to bring its total to $221.7m and well and truly the highest grossing Bond release in U.S. History and it ain’t slowing down anytime soon. This should finish around the $280m mark before its done there – putting well over $113m past its nearest counterpart QUANTUM OF SOLACE ($167m).

LINCOLN (2,018 screens) continues its solid performance with another $25m in the bag. That’s the highest weekend result for the film since its release and as the kudos for the film and the performances mount, the films current $62.1m lifetime gross should see it sail to $100m+ before it bows out too.

3D THE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS (3,653 screens), DreamWorks Animations flick, is the first of the new releases to hit the charts at #4. The $24m weekend result is solid if a little shy of WRECK-IT RALPH’s opening weekend of $49m. Don’t expect GUARDIANS to fall away though as the holiday themed picture should cruise steadily over the next 6 weeks in the lead up to Christmas and be a nice earner for the studio.

3D LIFE OF PI (2,927 screens) kicks a goal for 5th spot place @ $22m. To put that in perspective that’s a higher opening weekend gross than FLIGHT and LINCOLN. The Ang Lee upscale 3D drama is winning major praise from critics and will certainly heavily feature in the awards season.

WRECK IT RALPH (3,259 screens) rakes in another $16.76m for 6th place to bring its domestic tally to $149.5m. Its a new franchise peoples. Expect more from RALPH in the coming years.

RED DAWN (2,724 screens), finally gets released after it was made in 2009. The film got held up due to MGM (the original production house) hitting bankruptcy. And on a shelf the film sat until FilmDistrict nabbed it and released it this week. Benefitting from the time on the shelf, RED DAWN now boasts a cast that ranges from THOR, THE AVENGERS & THE HUNGER GAMES. Had it gone out in 2009/10 none of that collateral support would’ve been there. Generating $14.6m in ticket sales, it’s a modest result that was up against some extremely tough and high profile competition.

Figures from Collider, Box Office Mojo & Deadline.

Title Weekend Total
1. Breaking Dawn Part 2 $43,070,000 $226.9
2. Skyfall $36,000,000 $221.7
3. Lincoln $25,020,000 $62.1
4. Rise of the Guardians $24,025,000 $32.6
5. Life of Pi $22,000,000 $30.1
6. Wreck-It Ralph $16.760,000 $149.5
7. Red Dawn $14,600,000 $22
8. Flight $8,600,000 $74.8
9. Silver Linings Playbook $4,623,000 $6.4
10. Argo $3,875,000 $98.1