Alice’s 2 Line Review – 007 Skyfall – You Already Know It’s A Good Movie. But Did You Know Watching Skyfall Will Actually Improve Your Overall Quality Of Life?

It’s true. For the cost of a movie ticket, you’ll experience the following 10 improvements:

  1. Any thought of bills, deadlines or your annoying boss will be completely eclipsed for 143 minutes.
  2. Science shows short bursts of adrenaline followed by longer periods of concentration is good for cholesterol levels.
  3. Those worries you have about getting old will be wiped out as soon as Dame Judi Dench appears, rocking her deep wrinkles and well-tailored jackets.
  4. Similarly, any extra motivation you might need to get to the gym will be bolstered by the sight of Danny Craig lifting himself out of a pool.
  5. If you’ve given up on the blockbuster as a form of entertainment, your faith will be restored by minute 15.
  6. Skyfall will also help you plan your next holiday. Will it be sexy, neon-lit Macau or beautiful, desolate Scotland?
  7. For a good five minutes after leaving the theatre, you’ll feel like everyone else is an enemy operative…and you’re the secret agent.
  8. You’ll remember how freakin’ scary Javier Bardem can be, so you’ll know to cross the street next time you see him.
  9. One look at Bardem’s hair will stop you from ever experimenting with cheap home bleach jobs.
  10. You won’t have to see any more movies for the rest of the year – it’s unlikely to get more enjoyable than this.

007 SKYFALL is currently on release Worldwide.