Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up Nov 8 – 11, 2012 (Argo Holds The #1 Spot As Predicted, Not Much To Swoon About This Weekend)

As predicted this weekend was always going to be soft – nothing really that strong released to get excited about and add to that probably the nicest weekend of weather we’ve had for months veritably kept people out of the cinemas. It’s not all doom and gloom, just a really soft weekend of trade.

So what does that mean Aza? well it’s a double edged sword – as this is the lead up to TWILIGHT SAGA BREAKING DAWN PART TWO opening on Thursday, soft weekends like this mean that the cinemas will ‘clean house’ and make sure they capitalise on the big newbie on the block. It means that the modest performing titles get lanced to make way for new product but its a natural attrition and being the numbers are this soft, it’ll be a relatively painless week to get ballistic on TEEN VAMP LOVE MOVIE 17.

ARGO Held the top spot and that was a no brainer. None of the new releases were strong enough to tackle the groundswell of positive word of mouth that this soon to be Best Picture Winner has garnered. It came in at $1.49m for the weekend and was more than double its nearest competitor…

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS took out the #2 place with $671k. With a 2nd place result off 186 prints (less than half of ARGO) at that level is a great indicator that the peoples weren’t in the cinemas on the weekend. The off-the-wall black comedy has had mostly all glowing reviews but again falls into that MA violent male skew casualty basket with LAWLESS, DREDD, KILLING THEM SOFTLY, END OF WATCH & SAVAGES. These films just aren’t firing as hard as they should in Oz at the moment.

BACHELORETTE had a solid hold, only off 29% week on week, for $600k. Witha  $1.76m cume to date it’s still a bit of a soft result for the femme skew comedy. And this will be one of the big casualties this weekend when TWILIGHT gets here.

THE INTOUCHABLES rockets to #4 even though it fell 17% week on week, this film is the real success story of the week, the flick just holds and holds and holds. Its on the verge of cracking $3m at the Aussie Box Office and that’d be the highest grossing french film in Australia since LA VIE EN ROSE. Can it pip AMELIE?

TAKEN 2 holds on with #5 and is about to crack $19m smackaroons at the box office. Its $470k for the weekend is higher than week 2 of END OF WATCH. Look at this puppy go! Its pretty much time to bid farewell to Liam Neeson for now. This one’s baked now.

END OF WATCH slips to #6 and pretty much got slapped by SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS and the holds of ARGO. Much like PSYCHOPATHS, its just the genre that’s held this up. These titles are really struggling in Australia – and being that the market got flooded with half a dozen of them within 2 months they just cannibalised each other.

ALEX CROSS opens in #7 with $368k. With so much choice in this arena already ALEX CROSS struggled to kick a goal on its opening week. The film has been soft everywhere it has released globally and I would hazard a guess that this is a real test on the Tyler Perry name in the Australian market more than anything.

THE SESSIONS opened in #10 at $266k off 57 prints. A solid result for the limited release title. Much like THE INTOUCHABLES, you can expect this little gem to hold on and consistently perform at this type of level for a few weeks. I’d also suggest that once word of mouth gets out on how good this film is (and it really, really is) next weekends’ number will be bigger than this one.

THE MASTER kicked some major buttocks on the weekend off 22 prints. The film raked in $152k and brought in the 2nd highest screen average in the country at $6910. The PT Anderson flick is another one you can expect to slowly sit and play as the award nominations start coming through and the awareness builds. .. AND THERE’S 70MM!

Figures from MPDAA

1. ARGO – Week 3 – RDS – $1,490,315 – cume – $6,902,913

2. SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS – Week 1 – EONE/HOP – $671,173 – cume – $671,173

3. BACHELORETTE – Week 2 – EONE/HOP – $600,306 – cume – $1,764,269

4. THE INTOUCHABLES – Week 3 – RDS – $%29,699 – cume – $2,829,265

5. TAKEN 2 – Week 6 – FOX – $470,685 – cume – $18,831,914

6. END OF WATCH – Week 2 – RDS – $452,856 – cume – $1,472,879

7. ALEX CROSS – Week 1 – HOY – $368,296 – cume – $368,296

8. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 – Week 3 – PAR – $349,267 – cume – $7,432,670

9. HOUSOS VS AUTHORITY – Week 2 – TRA – $302,813 – cume – $1,028,952

10. THE SESSIONS – Week 1 – FOX – $266,751 – cume – $278,146