Aussie Independent Spirit 2012 – Reverse Runner

So Lowdowners I am a mad fan of people who have a big set of canastas and decide to get up and chase a dream. Well that’s exactly what film makers Jarrod Theodore and Lachlan Ryan did when they developed REVERSE RUNNER. A 4.5 year labour of love for the boys (see the trailer) which saw them privately raise the funds for the film and shoot it all in rural Victoria.

Not only did they make the film, they’ve self distributed it and have just done a 4 week season in Colac (where some of the film was made) and to date REVERSE RUNNER is the 2nd highest grossing film of the year and has outgrossed the likes of THE AVENGERS, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and MADAGASCAR 3. The film is also the highest grossing Australian Film there (Outgrossing THE SAPPHIRES, KATH & KIMDERELLA, ANY QUESTIONS FOR BEN, A FEW BEST MEN). And off the back of this the regional enthusiasm for the production has seen one of Victoria’s key cinema locations, REGENT BALLARAT, take the film on in February 2013.

Its a triumphant result for the film makers and also for the independent film makers of Australia.

Here’s the films official website


REVERSE RUNNER is currently screening in AUSTRALIA through THEORY PICTURES