Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up Thurs Nov 1 – Sun Nov 4, 2012 (Argo Holds The Crown! Everything Else Is Down Except Intouchables That Holds Strong Too!)

As we thought ARGO held the top spot in what was yet another pretty soft weekend at the Aussie Box Office. Only off 7% week on week, ARGO brought another $1.8m into the kitty and was 3 times the box office of its nearest rival. ARGO also played on a massive 351 screens nationally and with yet another week before 007 SKYFALL gets here – does the Ben Affleck winner have the stones to stay on top?

BACHELORETTE took 2nd place and its weekend take of $841k off 197 prints  signals what a soft time for ticket sales it was at the cinemas. The film, which received mixed reviews (54% fresh rotten tomatoes), still managed to stave off another wide new opener in…

END OF WATCH limped into 3rd place with $738,324 off 191 prints. This is yet another one of these critically hailed films that play to the male skew crowd and just didn’t fire here. The current trend has seen these MA rated violent films fall over (Lawless, Killing Me Softly, Dredd, Savages) and the only one to buck the trend was LOOPER which is completely out performing the rest of the world here.

TAKEN 2 cracks $18m after its 5th weekend and man it should go damn close to $20m before it gets killed off completely. There’s no two ways about it this has been a bonafide hit and I don’t think anyone would’ve thought $20m in Australia was possible!

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 is tapering right off now and is going to land in the mid to high $7m’s for its life gross. We had it pegged at about $8m and its definitely gonna go close. That’s possibly the highest grossing horror film of the year for Australia.

THE INTOUCHABLES, like ARGO, was the only stayer to hold ground in week 2, falling only 7% (Like ARGO) to take in $634k. The French hit has just passed $2m domestically off 66 prints and the 2nd run life this puppy has yet to play should see the film knock out to $4.5-$5m before it finishes up. The other bonus for THE INTOUCHABLES is that its 2nd run campaigning will happen throughout January (holidays) and then the Oscar noms will kick in too.

HOUSOS VS AUTHORITY came in at 7th with $526k, I’ll bet my half drunk bottle of water here that 60% of that box office came out of Western suburban Sydney – its a perfect example of a specific geographic release. Much like previous Aussie titles THE FINAL WINTER (NRL Footy Movie), FOOTY LEGENDS (NRL Footy Movie), FAT PIZZA (Sydney Suburban Centric) & THE WOG BOY (Melbourne Suburban Centric) – they over perform in their real heartlands. Mind you FAT PIZZA an THE WOG BOY were national hits but their market shares would’ve seen Sydney spike on FAT PIZZA and Melbourne on THE WOG BOY. This isn’t a great result, with the online buzz on it and the rush out factor of fandom I would’ve thought HOUSOS could’ve hit $800k.

Figures from the MPDAA.

Rank Film Dist Box Office Screens Screen Avg Week On Week Running Total Week
1 ARGO RDS $1,813,865 351 $5168 -7% $4,698,260 2
2 BACHELORETTE HOP $841,263 197 $4270 $841,263 1
3 END OF WATCH RDS $738,324 191 $3866 $738,324 1
4 TAKEN 2 FOX $668,743 205 $3262 -35% $18,116,534 5
5 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 PAR $649,679 269 $2415 -58% $6,902,089 3
6 THE INTOUCHABLES RDS $634,643 66 $9616 -7% $2,043,568 2
7 HOUSOS VS AUTHORITY PAR $526,166 151 $3485 $554,003 1
8 DREDD 3D ICO $434,878 197 $2208 -46% $1,517,605 2
9 3D FRANKENWEENIE DIS $431,672 209 $2065 -26% $1,195,196 2
10 SAVAGES UNI $302,107 165 $1831 -52% $2,481,001 3