Aza’s Oscar Nomination Predictions 2013 – Best Actress

Here’s who I’ve got my money on, dark horses and long shots for Best Actress 2013 oscars


MARION COTILLARD – RUST & BONE – Nothing but raves for this performance. ‘This is also the best work I have seen Cotillard do. There are multiple moments in the film which are almost transcendent and indelibly stain the mind’s eye.’ – Movieline

NAOMI WATTS – THE IMPOSSIBLE – There’s gotta be something to that box office in Spain and everywhere I read about the film talks about the gut wrenching turn by Australia’s own. ‘Watts packs a huge charge of emotion as the battered, ever-weakening Maria whose tears of pain and fear never appear fake or idealized.’ – The Hollywood Reporter

JENNIFER LAWRENCE – SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK – Solid gold nods for JL’s performance everywhere – this from Collider ‘The entire cast is solid (although Pat’s friend Danny (Chris Tucker) adds absolutely nothing to the story), but the standout is easily Lawrence.  There’s just so much sadness and resentment in the character, but through Lawrence we see how badly Tiffany wants to heal.  She’s not trying to go sane; she’s just trying to not hurt anymore.’

QUVENZHANE WALLIS – BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD – This little lady delivered one of the best and most defining performances of the year. When an 8 year old can carry a movie whatya gonna do?? ‘Regarding Wallis’ performance as Hushpuppy: it isn’t one. It’s a fact. Onscreen she simply is, a being as elemental, incontestable and strong as the advancing aurochs. She was 6 when the film was shot, yet the ferociousness of her presence – the anger and wisdom inside her – suggest someone older or ageless‘ – sfgate

SALLY FIELD – LINCOLN – Early reviews point to an exceptional performance and this film will be littered with Oscar nods. My thoughts she’ll round out the 5 but least likely to win.


KEIRA KNIGHTLEY – ANNA KARENINA –  Costume Dramas always make Knightley shine. This Luhrmann-esque Joe Wright flick should get her a lot of attention.

JUDI DENCH – THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – She’s an industry fave, a fabulous actress and in one of the biggest surprises of the year.

MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD – SMASHED – Playing an alcoholic in a gut wrenching drama wins big points and Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been winning golden kudos for this indie flick.

HELEN HUNT – THE SESSIONS – Another critics favourite and yet to fully release anywhere could mean the awareness and momentum will be high come nomination time for the former Twister star

MAGGIE SMITH – QUARTET – The great Dame of actresses in another leading performance for the grey rinse set. There’s every chance that she could get up there.


HELEN MIRREN – HITCHCOCK – No-one’s seen it yet but any actress that can make THE DOOR bearable is a talent. And Helen Mirren is indeed that!

ANNE HATHAWAY – LES MISERABLES – This girl can sing, she can act and she’s the leading lady in one of the most loved musicals on the planet.

EMMANUELLE RIVA – AMOUR – A fearless, heartbreaking performance of the wife in old couple in love is the core of Michael Haneke’s Cannes Best Film Winning Amour. The film is spectacular and the fact its in a foreign language might hold it back.

LAURA LINNEY – HYDE PARK ON HUDSON – She is always solid in everything. Her back up to Bill Murray in this has generated strong positive word of mouth too.