Aza’s Oscar Nomination Predictions 2013 – Best Actor

Ok so here are my contenders divided into what my money is on, dark horses & long shots


BEN AFFLECK – ARGO – The momentum on this picture is unstoppable.

DANIEL DAY LEWIS – LINCOLN – It’s a no brainer, even though reviews suggest he’s quite understated in the film, I don’t think you couldn’t nominate him.

BILL MURRAY – HYDE PARK ON HUDSON – The other U.S. President movie. Bill’s been hell bent on shaking off his comedy roots for a while now and with GET LOW and LOST IN TRANSLATION under his belt could this be the one to get him a statue.

DENZEL WASHINGTON – FLIGHT – All fingers point to the performance of his career.

RICHARD GERE – ARBITRAGE – A knockout return to form from an industry legend.


HUGH JACKMAN – LES MISERABLES – The man can act. The man can sing. The world loves him.

BRADLEY COOPER – SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK – People be lovin this movie and him in it.

PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN – THE MASTER – Its an actors movie and he’s.. well… one of the best

ANTHONY HOPKINS – HITCHCOCK – Same deal here – can Anthony disappear into the role? The trailer didn’t do it for me but that’s because HBO’s THE GIRL – where Toby Jones plays ALFRED HITCHCOCK – is such a knock out.

MADS MIKKELSEN – THE HUNT – Yep it’s a Dutch flick, but his towering performance in this exceptional and challenging film is better than any I’ve seen all year.


JOHN HAWKES – THE SESSIONS – Playing a guy in an iron lung trying to get laid might get him some attention

SURAJ SHARMA – LIFE OF PI – Just watch this puppy go when it releases.

JAMIE FOXX – DJANGO UNCHAINED – He’s won an Oscar before (Ray) and there’s a lot of hype around the film.

BRAD PITT – KILLING THEM SOFTLY – The Academy is begging to give Brad an Oscar and he went oh so close with MONEYBALL.