Aza’s Best Picture Predictions – 2013 Oscars

Yep I’m on Oscar Dogwatch at the moment and I’ve got my feelers out on what I think will be in the category this year – depending on whether they do 5 nominees or 10 – I’ve broken em up into guaranteed, dark horses, long shots:


ARGO – Ben Affleck’s the new Clint Eastwood and everybody loves this movie (and I can’t believe I still haven’t seen it). This biopic thriller will be nominated all over the place at the Oscars 2013 (Director, Actor, Sup Actor, Picture, Screenplay). You can mark this puppy as a guaranteed lock for a Best Picture nomination. ARGO Opens In Australia October 25, 2012


LINCOLN – Steven Spielberg’s Oscar Bait movie is totally designed for awards contention. Plus its about Abraham Lincoln. And it’s got Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon Levitt, James Spader etc etc. Oscar noms all over it. It’s a lock for a Best Picture Nomination. Lincoln Opens In Australia January 17, 2013

LIFE OF PI – Ang Lee’s 3D revolution is getting some of the best reviews of the year. The change of narrative style being the films most innovative element and the man is due a Best Picture after being robbed for Brokeback Mountain. Lock it in gang! Life Of Pi Opens in Australia January 1, 2013


LES MISERABLES – Tom Hooper’s Musical with the heavy hitters on board in big Hughy Jackman, boges Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda “I Sung Abba Too’ Seyfried. Being that’s its such a huge property its guaranteed to be there. Les Miserables Opens in Australia December 26, 2012


SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK – David O’Russells dramedy is garnering sterling reviews like Life Of Pi. It’s this years THE DESCENDANTS and it’ll be a definite for a Best Picture Nomination. Silver Linings Playbook opens in Australia January 31, 2013




BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD – The Indie hit of the year that wowed Sundance and just trickled on from there. The magic realism element coupled with the down south is a big winner for American audiences and has every chance of getting a nom. Beasts Of The Southern Wild will hit Blu Ray in Australia January 2013.


FLIGHT – Word has it that FLIGHT is an exceptional drama with an Oscar worthy Denzel Washington back on form. With Robert Zemekis directing there’s pedigree all over this film. Flight opens in Australia February 7, 2013


THE MASTER – I’m expecting this more to feature in the acting categories than Best Picture category but PT Anderson does have a way of getting noms in the top slots. The 70mm shooting will draw favour from Academy voting purists. The Master opens in Australia November 8, 2012


DJANGO UNCHAINED – QT has been systematically robbed of Best Pictures wins for most of his career. PULP FICTION should’ve won, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS deserved to as well. Can this slavery themed epic get him across the line? Django Unchained opens in Australia January 24, 2013




THE IMPOSSIBLE – The Tsunami disaster pic that just blew up Spain’s Box Office Records will get loads of attention for that fact alone. Reviews are stellar and plaudits abound for Naomi Watts’ performance. The Impossible opens in Australia January 24, 2013


ZERO DARK THIRTY – Kathryn Bigelow’s Killing Osama movie might just have the right amount of Academy approval, given the subject matter, to get it up there in the nomination stakes.. Zero Dark Thirty opens in Australia January 31, 2013


HITCHCOCK – Sir Anthony Hopkins playing Hitchcok and a biopic about one of the Legends of the industry.. The stars could align. Hitchcock opens in Australia January 10, 2013


THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL – You cannot ignore the performance of this flick – its been a global smash! That effort alone could see this crowd pleaser win big.. No? remember SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE? The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is out now on Blu Ray in Australia


THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – Massively reviewed and audacious in its scale, the industry loves Christopher Nolan and being the finale could it get a nod? The Dark Knight Rises hits Blu Ray in Australia November 2012


MARVEL’S AVENGERS – It’s the highest grossing film of the year, 3rd highest grossing film of all time and also sports some of the best reviews of the year as well. Could it get up there? Marvels Avengers is out now on Blu Ray in Australia