New Trailer – Dhenikaina Ready (Bollywood Goodness)

Synopsis: When his younger sister Sarawathi ran out on her arranged marriage and eloped with Basha, a Muslim, Narasimha disowned her, cut off Basha’s leg, and started a two-decades-long feud between the families. Since that time, nothing has gone right for Narasimha’s household. Over Saraswathi’s objections, Basha sued for part of Narasimha’s land, and after a 20-year court case, Basha won. Narasimha has been trying to get a canal built in his village, but all his petitions have met with failure. It’s as if his household is under a curse. To lift the curse, Narasimha has hired the great priest and Vedic scholar Krishna Sastri to perform a ritual blessing. But the priest is actually a Muslim in disguise: Saraswathi’s son, Suleman (Vishnu Manchu), who’s come to make his mother’s wish come true and bring the enemy families together. He’s surrounded by the clownish cohort of out-of-work Brahmins he’s hired to help him, squabbling household servants always on the verge of accidentally breaking some taboo and desanctifying the ceremony, a jealous priest threatening to expose him, and violent hoodlums out for vengeance. Amid a farce packed with mistaken identities, disguises, deceptions, misaligned marriage promises, flying chicken legs, the constant risk of discovery, and several lovely ladies vying for Suleman’s affections–including Narasimha’s daughter, who knows his true identity–the big question is whether Suleman can accomplish his mission before his uncle’s brutal brothers find him out and crush his chances–and most likely his skull as well. –