U.S. Box Office Weekend Round Up Oct 5 – 7, 2012 (Taken 2 Kicks F*cken Ass! Frankenweenie Not So Much…)

LIAM NEESON all kill, all thrill no spill sequel TAKEN 2 was an absolute JUGGERNAUT at the box office and smashed its way to $50m for the opening weekend. Who says you need a script to make a film eh? You just need rooftops, guns, disposal bad actors and a gruff Liam Neeson – hey presto!! Yeah sure the critics mauled it but it doesn’t matter – the film did more than double the opening weekend of TAKEN ($24.7m) and even though the budget of T2 is reportedly $80m, the original was $25m, the film will EASILY get that back from here. What a cracker result and indeed its gone a long long way to help the U.S. Box Office!!!

3D HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA continues its stellar run with another $26.3m for the 3 days with a season to date haul of $75.9m. FWAR!! Seriously that is a spunkalicious, funkalicious result and Sony Animation must be rapt! They’re hitting major goals in this area with SMURFS being a runaway hit, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS hit gold and with SMURFS 2, ALF, MEATBALLS 2 all on the way the future is pretty rosy for theM. HOTEL also put paid to any chances that the other ‘monster’ themed family feature FRANKENWEENIE could knock it off the family market pedestal, the latter film did less than half the business of HOTEL.

PITCH PERFECT’s expansion raked in $14.5m for the 3 days, which is a solid turn for the heavily femme skewed teen comedy for a film without any real major star power attached to it. Its cracker screen averages last week weren’t replicated this weekend but it still held up well!

LOOPER, for all things considered, should have had the shit bashed out of it by TAKEN 2 (and to a certain extent it did) but it still managed to pull in another $12.2m for the weekend. This brings its haul to $40m for the indy release and should finish it’s run around the $55-$60m range. Australia, by pro rata, is going to come in that $5.5-6m range as well.

FRANKENWEENIE resurrected itself soft into theatres with $11.5m. To me, its a case of bad dating. No-one would’ve predicted the strength of HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA (again… WOW!) and being HOTEL opened like a monster hit last weekend and it is less sophisticated which makes it more accessible than FRANKENWEENIE – bam it won the battle. Tim Burton’s flick is reviewed like gold but the man needs a hit. 2012 hasn’t been kind to his flicks with DARK SHADOWS, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER and now FRANKENWEENIE all under performing. And the other issue is that Burton and his productions don’t come cheap – they’re expensive to make and I reckon the studios will be a watchin’. So all eyes will be on the Ryan Reynolds / Reece Witherspoon starrer BIG EYES that he is producing next..

My thanks to Collider for the figures.


Title Weekend  Total
1. Taken 2 $50,000,000  $50
2. Hotel Transylvania $26,300,000  $75.9
3. Pitch Perfect $14,700,000  $21.5
4. Looper $12,200,000  $40.3
5. Frankenweenie $11,500,000  $11.5
6. End of Watch $4,000,000  $32.8
7. Trouble with the Curve $3,870,000  $29.7
8. House at the End of the Street $3,698,000  $27.5
9. The Master $1,840,000  $12.4
10.  Finding Nemo 3D $1,555,000  $38.9