Joel & Ethan Coen On Board To Adapt ‘Fargo’ For Television Series

FARGO is one of the best films I think I have ever seen, Ok yeah it’s a big call but I stand by it, it’s one of those rare flicks that blends black humour in what is essentially a very dark thriller and does it with effortless perfection. It garnered Frances McDormand an Oscar and was nominated for a further 6.

Well news in has FX, the network behind JUSTIFIED and SONS OF ANARCHY, are bringing it to TV with the films creators Joel and Ethan Coen on board as executive producers. Deadline reports that Noah Hawley is on board to write and produce the show which will be an hour long serial.

There was a pilot for a FARGO TV series a few years back with EDIE FALCO in the lead but it never eventuated. The Coen’s did not participate in that effort.

More soon! In the mean time go watch the original FARGO – it’s frikkin awesome!