The Return Of Aussie Genre & Why ‘Bait 3D’ Needs To Work

There’s a lot riding on BAIT 3D this week in Australia as it releases in Cinemas – it’s one of those rare commodities that we get to see on the big screen – an Australian Genre flick. Australia is this abnormal monster when it comes to genre, I personally believe our industry pretty much spent the better part of the last 15 years breeding genre out of our culture, we just don’t embrace it.

A great example of this is the underground hit flick THE TUNNEL that couldn’t get a leg in edgeways to cinemas in Australia but man it sold in pretty much every other territory worldwide and has now spawned a sequel.

Ask yourself this question: If you were to sit down and flick on a sci-fi or a horror flick and all you heard were Australian accents, would you suspend your disbelief to go for the ride?

BAIT 3D is a real ray of hope in this area as it targets two markets that are so unforgivably under-serviced in Australia – genre and teens. Yeah sure it looks like that DEEP BLUE SEA scene without L.L. COOL J but it doesn’t matter, much like TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN (another Aussie industrious teen led flick that Paramount released), the film is full of young stars in a hyper realistic situation. And these reasons are why the film needs to generate some box office.

The Australian Film Industry needs to win back the teenagers, BAIT 3D showcases a wall of them and gleans them from key areas like HOME & AWAY etc. (That puppy still pulls down 1,000,000 viewers a night people) and pits them to make their own decisions. That aspirational element is also a key driver in getting these teeny bums on seats. If BAIT can garner a few million in box office and get the teens back in cinemas it’s positive effect will be felt in 2013 when other domestic genre products like THE BABADOOK and PATRICK roll out. I cannot stress enough how important teens are to the survival of the Australian Film Industry – if we can nab them now – get them watching local content – they’ll grow up, have families and take their kids to Aussie films too. They’ll accept that Australia can make any type of film.

Genre Genre Genre – BAIT 3D is the first out of the gate on a new wave of genre film making in Australia. Recently Screen Australia announced financial support of WOLF CREEK 2 and PREDESTINATION with the aforementioned THE BABADOOK & PATRICK currently in production which is good news for the local industry. Why? The more we can convince the local population to support domestic genre the greater creative opportunities become available to local practitioners. We lose so much of our talent to international productions with is great for the film makers but what does it say about our local industry? Yes we churn out the best of the best but we can’t keep them here!?!

BAIT 3D needs to work – it has all the hallmarks of providing a solid wake up call to the industry that we can produce genre titles for a mass audience and deliver a result… And hell if someone gets bitten in half along the way well thats more fun for everyone!

Check out BAIT 3D – Let’s Re-energise Australian Genre – The Only Way Is Up From Here!