New Clips – Bait 3D – ‘Flood’ & ‘Keep Going’ (Xavier Samuel, Lincoln Lewis, Alex Russell)

Sharks in a Supermarket hits cinemas thursday via BAIT 3D! For all you non Aussies it hit DVD/Blu ray last week so you can see it like RIGHT NOW and before us Aussies.

Synopsis: A tsunami swallows a sleepy beach community. A group of survivors find themselves trapped in a flooded underground supermarket and soon discover they are not alone, the tsunami has brought unwanted visitors from the depths. The survivors quickly realise their battle is not only to overcome the threat of drowning, but a threat far more sinister — hungry great white sharks… – Paramount Pictures AU

… and if it were set on the Gold Coast it’d be walls of Maori’s and Aussies arguing that they are called ‘thongs’ not ‘jandals’ or ‘flip flops’….