Michel Hazanavicius Lines Up ‘In The Garden Of Beasts’ As Next Project. Tom Hanks To Produce & Star

… and they want Natalie Portman to play Hanks’ daughter in the non fiction novel adaptation. No script is written yet but Hazanavicius is sorting that out at the moment Deadline reports.

So what’s IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS about – William Dodd (Hanks), a mild-mannered Chicago professor who becomes America’s first ambassador to Hitler’s Germany before the Nazis began to assert an iron grip across Europe. At first, his family embraces the vibrant scene in Berlin, and his young daughter Martha (the role they want Portman to play) in particular falls hard for the seduction and engages in a series of affairs with the handsome men of the Third Reich and even the first chief of the Gestapo. Soon enough, the ambassador gets reports of violence against Jews and even though his dispatches to the State Department are met with indifference, he continues to be concerned with the growing press censorship and the passage of shocking laws. It leads to the gradual realization of the horrific genocide that Hitler actually has planned for Europe and the world. – Mike Fleming, Deadline.

Yay another Nazi moofie!