New Trailer – A Simple Life 桃姐 (Andy Lau)

Andy Lau is one of the biggest stars in the world – per capita he’s actually bigger than Tom Cruise in Asia (Look out I just had a Scientological Fatwa issued for my death by ray gun sceptre 4 for that comment). And here he takes on a subtle familial drama that shows he’s so much more than a big screen action star

Synopsis: When Ah Tao (Deanie Ip), a servant to the Leung family for nearly 60 years, suffers a stroke, she decides to quit her job and move into a local nursing home. The man she cared for since he was a boy, Roger (Andy Lau), takes it upon himself to help her adjust to her new life, which involves getting to know her new nursing home family, a motley crew of unique and quirky residents. As Ah Tao’s health deteriorates, roles reverse, with Roger now taking charge of her care. –