New Trailer – Troll Bridge Trailer 3 (Daniel Knight, Ahren Morris)

There are no amount of words on my level of excitement for this project! Snowgum Films are the film making crew to watch in Australia and the guys behind it, Daniel Knight and Ahren Morris, will soon be household names. Check out the trailers and you’ll se what I mean.

So here you’ll find every video I could on TROLL BRIDGE – the biggest, most spectacular short film ever made – for you to feast your eyes on and get excited about!


TROLL BRIDGE – Synopsis:

Cohen is an eighty-seven year old barbarian hero.

In a world where the undead have formed an equal rights movement, goblins are on the endangered species list and the evil forest of Cutshade is being logged… there can be only one course of action: to face a troll in mortal combat.

Troll Bridge is based on the short story by renown author Terry Pratchett.  Set in the phenomenally successful Discworld series, the film is satirical of The Lord of the RingsConan, and at least one well known fairy tale.

Talking horses, mad warlords, wizards, warriors, war, death, destruction and a ten foot tall troll made of stone… all set against an epic backdrop in a world gone mad!



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