Watch This! New Teaser – ‘Reason To Smile’ (d. Rene Hernandez)

Mad for anything coming out of our big brown land of a country and this li’l short (thanks to the mighty Greg D for the heads up here) showcases yet another film making talent from Oz. The film is currently up for crowd funding on pozible and the page can be found here. From the possible site – here’s a bit of background on the project and some happy snaps from the set.


Reason To Smile is a successful script for the NSW Emerging Filmmakers Fund, which Christine Tan, Producer, is the recipient. The 15 minute drama was written and directed by award winning film-maker Rene Hernandez.

It tells the story about Jake and Elijah, two young brothers having difficulties busking in the city streets, the young boy, Elijah, plays the violin.

On this particular day, Elijah is struggling to make the money he promised his mother. As events unfold, Jake the eldest realises he needs to step up at all costs and Elijah learns the meaning of sacrifice. A life changing experience not only strengthens their bond but makes them both re-evaluate what they mean to one another.

Check out the teaser and if you like what you see you can become a part of the production by clicking the link above and pitching in.