Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up Aug 30 – Sep 2, 2012

THE EXPENDABLES 2 – as predicted – took the flag with a stronger than pro rata opening weekend in Australia – $2.96m. It opened stronger than TOTAL RECALL last week and opened better here than in the U.S. It’s certainly shaping up to do the same level of business as the original and with the kick in of the Spring holidays about to start the longevity of the film is certainly assured.

THE BOURNE LEGACY retained #2 spot and the film is only off 37% from last weekend. (It did have a 50% drop weekend 1 – 2 due to TOTAL RECALL opening). The film is poised to cross $10m domestically tomorrow and should finish it’s run around the $12.5m mark.

TOTAL RECALL bore the brunt of THE EXPENDABLES 2 opening with a 50% week on week drop to $1.16m. Will the film hold for a steadier week 3 weekend? Not in my thinking – its a 1-2 punch scenario from EXPENDABLES and BOURNE recovery that has nailed the film. That, and with the opening of HIT & RUN this week (not that it will make much of an impression), TOTAL RECALL has its work cut out for it this week at the Box Office.

THE SAPPHIRES only 20% off week on week, and as already predicted this film is going to sit around and play for quite some time yet – it’s $1.1m for the weekend brings its gross to $9.56m and the film will cross $10m by Wednesday. I still hold to my prediction of a $14-$15m gross on this one. Though it faces its biggest rival this thursday with KATH & KIMDERELLA rolling into cinemas.

HOPE SPRINGS also only fell 26% week on week, a testament to only boysy product on main release, and took in $868k. The film is mirroring RDS’ other slow burner SALMON FISHING ON THE YEMEN and should be able to procure the same level of a $4.5m result before it finishes up. It’ll be one of the softer Meryl Streep results of recent memory.

3D FINDING NEMO re-release was an unremarkable result on 189 screens with $403k. Still, 98% of that came from Saturday Sunday and with the holidays almost upon us this one should be fairly consistent at the box till the end of the holidays. It’s an interesting phenomena these 3D re-releases – they go gangbusters Stateside (The Lion King 3D was massive) but are weaker here.

MOONRISE KINGDOM is yet another winner for team UNIVERSAL who are having a spectacular 2012 – off 50 prints she’s done $394 for the opening weekend. After a stellar sneaks campaign last weekend MOONRISE KINGDOM should happily take in $3m before it finishes up.

1. THE EXPENDABLES 2 – RDS – Week 1 – $2,962,596 – cume $2,962,596 (forecast $8.5m)

2. THE BOURNE LEGACY – UNI – Week 3 – $1,273,876 – cume $9,737,394 (forecast $12.5m)

3. TOTAL RECALL – SON – Week 2 – $1,166,210 – cume $4,311,501 (forecast $6.5m)

4. THE SAPPHIRES – HOP – Week 4 – $1,146,550 – cume $9,560,643 (forecast $14m)

5. HOPE SPRINGS – RDS – Week 2 – $868,207 – cume $2,669,069 (forecast $4.5m)

6. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – RDS – Week 7 – $570,846 – cume $41,682,650 (forecast $42.2m)

7. 3D FINDING NEMO – DIS – Week 1 – $403,700 – cume $403,700 (forecast $2.5m)

8. MOONRISE KINGDOM – UNI – Week 1 – $393,824 – cume $561,642 (forecast $3m)

9. THE CAMPAIGN -RDS – Week 4 – $283,950 – cume $5,131,157 (forecast $6m)

10. 3D STEP UP 4 MIAMI HEAT – UNI – Week 5 – $139,801 – cume $5,166,393 (forecast $5.4m)

Figures from MPDAA.