The Kath & Kimderella Hype Machine Is In Full Swing! So What Can The Film Actually Do?

Out of any Australian film released in the last 10 years (outside of AUSTRALIA) I don’t think there’s been as much awareness on a title as there currently is on KATH & KIMDERELLA. It’s been awesome to see the campaign unfurl and man Jane Turner & Gina Riley have been all over everything – I hope everyone involved in the campaign have had as much fun doing it!

So what can the film do at the Aussie box office? From here its all guess work really but if you look at the product (without having seen the film) it has some major major bonus points attached to it:

  • Well known concept – based off the TV show. Familiarity.
  • It’ll play regionally just as strongly as suburban
  • It’s a PG – anyone can watch it
  • It’s 86 minutes long (PERFECT!) which means that when it opens it’ll be a minimum 4 day sessions & 2 evening sessions in Multiplexes and multiple prints in Megaplexes. (Basically you’ll be able to rock up to a cinema and walk into a session)
  • It’s releasing right on school holidays – more exposure to potential viewers
  • It’s coming off the back of THE SAPPHIRES
  • There’s strong positivity towards Australian Mainstream Cinema domestically
  •  The film takes them out of Fountain Lakes & Into Europe. Fish Out Of Water Story. (i.e. You know the characters in their own environment, you’ll go to see how they handle O/S)
  • It features all the regular characters and key quotables you know and love.
  • It’s female centric and female skew comedies really work in this territory.
  • It’s essentially review proof – people will go because it’s KATH & KIM. Remember ‘DA KATH & KIM CODE’ and everyone bagged it but it was still a ratings bonanza!
  • It’s releasing against HIT & RUN which is no direct competition to the film at all. In fact it’s next real competitive threat to release is THE WATCH on September 13, 2012 and even then they are two totally different markets.

So when you throw all that into the mix you know it’s going to open #1 in the country and should at least hold that for the 1st week – it’ll be a tougher ask given that MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE’S MOST WANTED lands on the 13th and it’s kids in holidays – but you never know..

Based on all those factors my money is on $15m for the film.

Week 1 – $7m

Week 2 – $3.5m

Week 3 – $2m

Week 4 – $1.1m

Week 5 – $500k

Week 6 – $300k

Week 7 – 10 – $400k

Total – $15m

I could be way off mark and the film could pull up short – but man it’s gonna open big time no matter what!