True Blood Season 5 Winds Up – And It Should End Here..

Not exactly the Alan Ball swan song I was hoping for with the ending of TRUE BLOOD SEASON 5. Though I have to say outside of 3 inspired episodes the rest of this season was really laboured and boring. Though it’s miles better than the disaster that was season 4 – Season 5 went wholly for the ridiculous.

It was a season with more convoluted plot lines than GAME OF THRONES, more brazen Joss-Whedon-Lite arcs and more we-wanna-be-socially-commentating-but-we-just-come-off-stupid gimmicks (the Obama’s, The Authority, Russell Edgington… what a waste).

Which brings me to Bill.. Is it just me or is this the most incongruous character ever? There is no through line in his story at all – yeah I get this is fantasy – but this guy has no consistency season to season at all.

Eric sleepwalked through the season and would someone please just let Tara eat Sookie and end the show… I just kept on getting the ‘who gives a shit’ – through most of this year.

There was only one character that makes the show these days – PAM!

Oh and yes there will be a 6th season. And Oh Yes I’ll Watch It In Spite Of Myself…

Maybe the departure of Alan Ball will see it lift again?

– az