New Trailer – Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut

Synopsis: In 1989 Clive Barker created his second feature film Nightbreed from his novel Cabal. During post production the studio ordered reshoots to change the emphasis of the film from Clive Barker’s Nightbreed to a film they thought would play better to the masses.

The Film that was released on 28th September 1990 was a compromise of reshoots and studio input that never captured the story of Cabal.

The original Negatives of Nightbreed are still in the vaults of the studio. The two existing workprints have been intergrated into the 1990 theatrical version of Nightbreed so that the most complete version of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed can be seen for the first time. –

Running at 153 minutes – the expanded version of the original film vastly explores the CABAL novel moreso than the shooting script that Barker wrote. I loved the concept of this film and even when I saw the 89 version just recently, as disjointed and uneven as it is, the whole concept is so attractive to me.

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