New Trailer – Hearts Of Dorkness

You wanna make indie films? You wanna do it “your way” with total creative control? You wanna do it BETTER than anyone can tell you to (cause you know your audience best) … huh? Is that what you really want? … Your job is to get it out there. Your job is to connect with an audience, to build interest in your own work. That goes for the Writer/Director/Cast/Producers/Crew and Fans. That’s the fucking job, people. If you’re the Artist – you make it and you sell it. If you’re the Audience, you support and promote it. Deal? Deal.

Writer/Director Patrick Read Johnson (DragonHeart, Baby’s Day Out, Angus) is making history by driving across America to save his award-winning film, 5-25-77! We–The Hearts of Dorkness team–are following along with him, recording his experiences, and sharing them with you here on YouTube and on our website,

Enjoy our new video, showing you a little bit about Patrick, his movie, and his ultimate road trip to finish 5-25-77! And, go to the FundRazr page to help us keep rolling!:


My thanks to slashfilm for the heads up and the image slice!