Channel Nine’s Olympic Ratings Dominance Comes With A $20m Sting In The Tail..?

Channel Nine’s ratings for the Olympics were nothing short of spectacular with the lowest viewership never dipping under 1.2m. Cracking stuff. But ultimately the network, along with partner Foxtel, has lost money on it. Channel Nine & Foxtel shelled out $120m for the rights to the Olympics 2008 and 2012 games and MD of Nine Jeff Browne has come out and said they would lose less than $20 million on the transaction. Foxtel ran the Olympics on 8 dedicated channels at no extra costs to subscribers of Fox Sports and also enjoyed record ratings during the telecast.

Channel Nine has come under much fire over it’s dubious commentating and questionable interviewing of athletes post events – social media channels went ballistic with irate fans smiting the broadcast as patronising and the worst Olympic telecast ever.

Even as the voices raged against the network, the numbers sustained throughout. Australia is a sportsmad country, we cheer our people and man can we jeer when we don’t!