Another 10 Classic Songs Aza Found In Films & TV! (… With An Intro From Big Gay Al!!)

Yep I’m as musically minded as I am film geekgasmtastic! here’s another list of ten ballbusting classics that I’ve either stumbled on in a show or flick.. Or previously loved and it’s turned up in a show!!

1. CRASHING – GERSEY from the Australian Film LOOK BOTH WAYS. About halfway through this wonderful film from Sarah Watts (R.I.P.) a montage begins and the sounds behind it are from none other than the magnificent Aussie act GERSEY. Coming from their 2nd album STORMS DRESSED AS STARS – the song is a beautifully heartbreaking epic that not only towers out of the film but also showcases the power of the band in question. The boys from GERSEY are currently working on the 4th album.


2. STILL – ALANIS MORISSETTE from the film DOGMA. As far as end credit catchy song go this puppy is right up there. It’s a 6 minute moody atmospheric piece which still has the kick in it now!




3. LET’S GO OUT TONIGHT – CRAIG ARMSTRONG from the TV Series SIX FEET UNDER. This big ballad turns up early on in season one and perfectly exemplifies the emotion depth that won the show so much praise. It’s infinitely listenable and one that winds up on high rotation at ye olde Az’s place when he cracks out the geetar and croons along.



4. DEATH DEFY – MOTOR ACE from the Aussie TV Series THE SECRET LIFE OF US. Ballarat rockers MOTOR ACE belted out this classic track on their debut album FIVE STAR LAUNDRY and it wound up as the title track on the hit Aussie TV show. The show itself – the first season rocks then the whole thing falls apart. But we got Deborah Mailman out of it!!!



5. DEATHLY – AIMEE MANN – From the film MAGNOLIA – this ultra depresso song is as infectious today as it was when it appeared in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 3 hour opus. Simple acoustic riffs, flagrantly down beat lyrics and that vocal still resonate. I love this song.



6. WAKE UP – ARCADE FIRE – From the trailer of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE – I feel a bit cheap as the song itself didn’t feature in the film but it’s a great chanting song and introduced me to ARCADE FIRE…




7. WALK – FOO FIGHTERS – From the film THOR. Another end credit classic. No-one is writing better modern rock n roll than Dave Grohl and the boys. Go the Fooeys – the song rocks!




8. I AIN’T GONNA EAT OUT MY HEART ANYMORE – THE DIVINYLS – From the film BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Catchy, cracking pop goodness from these Aussie rockers!




9. SHAKE YA TAILFEATHER – P.DIDDY, NELLY, MURPHY LEE – From the bombastically big BAD BOYS II – It’s a pumping, groovin’, catchy track that even boasts some of the most misogynistic lyrics known to man – it’s so damn fun!




10. WILD HORSES – THE SUNDAYS – From The TV Show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – Ahh THE PROM, Season 3 – BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.. Magic episode, magic song! Loves It!