Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up Aug 9 – 12, 2012 (The Bat Faces Off With The Sapphires…)

What a battle at the box office and for the 4th week in a row the mighty THE DARK KNIGHT RISES retains his supremacy over the throne. Breathing down a $40m domestic gross which the film will conquer by Friday/Saturday then the game is on to see if this epic flick has enough steam left to milk another $13m from Australia to knock THE AVENGERS off the highest grossing film of the year. It’s certainly going to outgross 2008’s THE DARK KNIGHT ($45m) and that is an absolute milestone in itself!



Our quartet of singing starlets also bowed strongly in THE SAPPHIRES opening 4 day weekend. It’s already grossed $2.6m cumulative and the beauty of a film like this is that it’s a long player – it will hang around and perform for weeks to come as word of mouth is almost unanimously positive so people will get around to seeing it. So good to see an Aussie wide release hit the charts like THE SAPPHIRES has and here’s to keeping the charge going!!!



The Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis comedy THE CAMPAIGN took out 3rd with a $2m opening weekend. This is a testament to the fan base of both Ferrell and Galifianakis as the films go at politics is extremely American centric – also given the huge media focus on THE SAPPHIRES – THE CAMPAIGN has really opened well all things considered.




MAGIC MIKE is still swinging his bits to cinema goers for 4th place and what a phenomenal result is coming out of the film. It;’s already knocked down $10m and is well on track to take out a $15m flag before it sees the end of theatrical. An absolute cracking result!

1. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – RDS – Week 4 – $3.1m – cume $37.1m (forecast $49m)

2. THE SAPPHIRES – HOP – Week 1 – $2.3m – cume $2.6m (forecast $16m)

3. THE CAMPAIGN – RDS – Week 1 – $2m – cume $2m (forecast $8m)

4. MAGIC MIKE – RDS – Week 3 – $1.4m – cume $10.4m (forecast $15m)

5. 3D STEP UP 4 – UNI – Week 2 – $1.2m – cume $3.5m (forecast $5.8m)

6. TED – UNI – Week 6 – $596k – cume $34.1m (forecast $35.1m)

7. 3D ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER – FOX – Week 2 – $539k – cume $2.1m (forecast $3.0m)

8. 3D ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT – FOX – Week 7 – $250k – cume $27.1m (forecast $27.6m)

9. 3D BRAVE – DIS – Week 8 – $113k – cume $16.3m (forecast $16.7m)

10. 3D THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – SON – Week 6 – $140k – cume $17.1m (Forecasrt $17.3m)

figures from rentrak.