Aza’s 2 Line Review – Call Me Kuchu – An Essential Documentary That Everyone Needs To See. David Kato You Are A Champion R.I.P.

Sometimes it’s really easy to forget just how liberal most western societies are in relation to civil and human rights – especially me – but when you take into consideration that in 2011 the Ugandan Government were handed a bill to pass that was colloquially called the “Kill The Gays” you know that the world is totally unbalanced.

This loving and inspiring documentary of David Kato, a gay rights activist in Uganda (a country where you can basically be murdered for being gay), who stood up proudly as a homosexual and went up against the media such as Rolling Stone (whose front cover outs a homosexual man) and the Government to get equality for all people.

This doco is a wake up call – it’s so very, very important for EVERYONE to see as it openly demonstrates just how easy other countries have it compared to Uganda when dealing with sexual orientation in society.

In turns celebratory, terrifying and heartbreaking – if you’ve ever wondered about the argument for civil rights start here – for the Ugandan case is so extreme that no-one deserves to live so shackled by such misunderstanding and hate and that just one voice can start a trend that captures the attention of the globe.

CALL ME KUCHU is the best film of THE MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2012 and, indeed, needs to be seen by everyone.

Praise you DAVID KATO – If only I could one one hundredth of the man you are.