Alice’s 2 Line Review – Magic Mike – Channing Tatum & Friends Rock Leather Pants & Man-Tan! Food For Thought With Added Eye-candy!

Mike’s a busy guy. He’s a construction worker by day, but by night he’s one of the Cock Rockin’ Kings of Tampa – an A-grade troupe of male strippers who know exactly when to rip off their chaps to get maximum dollar bills into their g-strings. When one of Mike’s construction worker buddies ends up on stage with him, things get even more fun, then even more complicated, then really quite dark.

Director Steven Soderbergh’s formula with Magic Mike seems to be that every scene must have abs, booze, cash or, ideally, all of the above. Matthew McConaughey must also appear at least once every 10 minutes to mentor his scantily-clad troupe with equal parts close-talking and slap-hugging. And at no time must anyone forget that this is the America of 2012 – the one where money talks, and she’s a foul-mouthed bitch.

The formula works. The performances are gut-wrenchingly real under all the tanned muscle, and the film definitely has something to say besides ‘it’s raining men.’ The Full Monty may have done it first, but Magic Mike does it better.

MAGIC MIKE is currently on national release in AUSTRALIA through ROADSHOW FILMS