Oooh Australia Gets A New Asian Martial Arts Movie Label! Please Welcome – WU XING FILMS!

Mad for a bit of martial arts action. MAD. FOR. IT. Well turns out there’s a new crew of Aussies who are just as mad for it as me (remember 13 ASSASSINS from 2011? It was one of my favourites of that year!) and bless em they’ve jumped up and are releasing Martial Arts Movies in Cinemas here!! Not only is it a cracker win for cultural diversity (oh yes I should be in politics – I can read and speak good) it’s an absolute MEGA win for the rest of us to check out something completely different, more exciting and the way it’s intended – on the big screen. I can’t champion this enough, it’s a massive step in the right direction for everyone and I hope you get to check em out!

Here’s their facebook page

Their first foray into Aussie Cinemas is TAI CHI. Check out the trailer above.

TAI CHI releases on SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 in AUSTRALIA through WU XING FILMS