Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up August 2 – August 5, 2012 (The Big Bad Bat!)

There aint no stopping that big bad Batman at the worldwide box office as THE DARK KNIGHT RISES holds out the top spot for a 3rd week in a row. It’ll be bets on to see if THE SAPPHIRES topples the cowled hero this coming weekend when it opens on Thursday. The resilience of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has it firmly aimed on meeting the performance of its predecessor THE DARK KNIGHT – coming in around the $45m mark – can it go north from there? Here’s to hoping! Go Bats Go!



From Caped Cowls to oiled up abs MAGIC MIKE holds steady at #2 for a 2nd week in a row and it’s poised to knock over the $10m box office title by Wednesday! Who would’ve thunk it huh? I mean who’d go to see a movie about offensive hot guys stripping for women? I mean how degrading is that?? (kidding) It’s a total no brainer! Add to that the reviews are strong and word of mouth is even stronger!



Dance machines unite as 3D STEP UP 4: MIAMI HEAT takes out 3rd for $2.8m, that’s $300k shy of the opening weekend of STEP UP 3 ($3.1m) but this one didn’t release in a holiday corridor so it’s done pretty well all things considered. These films work on brand name alone, there are no stars, no big names behind the scenes, just ripping athletic dancers getting their game on. The film should finish up around the $6m-$7m domestically.



The other opener 3D ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER hacked his way into 4th place with a modest $1.2m, mirroring the U.S. result, the genre masher did its best against THE DARK KNIGHT RISES but the film is more on track to perform the same way most horror films do and will finish up at that $3m level.

TED – welcome – you are now Australia’s highest grossing MA rated film of all time!


1. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – RDS – Week 3 – $4.5m – cume $33m (Forecast $45m)

2. MAGIC MIKE – RDS – Week 2 – $2.8m – cume $8.4m (forecast $13m)

3. 3D STEP UP 4: MIAMI HEAT – UNI – Week 1 – $2.1m – cume $2.3m (forecast $6m)

4. 3D ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER – FOX – Week 1 – $1.2m – cume $1.2m (forecast $5m)

5. TED – UNI – Week 5 – $1.3m – cume $33m (forecast $38m)

6. 3D ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT – FOX – Week 6 – $370k – cume $27.3m (forecast $28m)

7. 3D THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – SONY – Week 5 – $295k – cume $17m (forecast $17.2m)

8. 3D BRAVE – DIS – Week 7 – $170k – cume $16.6m (forecast $16.8m)

9. SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN – UNI – Week 7 – $160k – cume $19.7m (forecast $20m)

10. HYSTERIA – E-ONE/HOP – Week 3 – $140k – cume $1.3m (forecast $2m)

figures from RENTRAK and forecasted at The Lowdown Under.