Guess Who’s Getting A Remake…. ‘Annie’ …. And Willow Smith Is The Titular Star

Yep the original Singing Orphan Ginger is headed back to the Big Screen via Will Smith and Emma Thompson. This is old news, I remember writing about this last year, as this is a vehicle for Will Smith’s Flick My Hair daughter Willow. (Yeah I know – cringe – but look at THE KARATE KID reboot…)

Well the project is still full steam ahead and Aline Brosh McKenna (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) has been brought in to work over Thompson’s script.

So what will the do over mean? Will it still be set in its period locale or will it get updated so that Annie is now a Stealthy Ninja Low Rent Assassin who lives in a malibu mansion? (that’d be slumming it for Willow Smith – and is there something kind of referential about Daddy Will and Daughter Willow? Mama Jada and son Jaden?) either way I’ll keep ya posted.

I bet there’ll be dinosaurs… There’ll always be dinosaurs!