Research Says That 20% – 25% Of Americans Are Still Hesitant To Go To The Movies

Fallout from the Aurora Shooting has come in and Deadline are reporting that research firm NRG have found that:

‘[NRG research has found] that 20%-25% of the domestic moviegoing audience is still very hesitant to go this weekend because of the Colorado Theater Shooting.’ – Nikki Finke

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has been hardest hit with the film, still string globally on $337m, which came in at $211m U.S. (THE DARK KNIGHT grossed $222m in the same time frame on its opening week). This recession in expected cinema going is expected to continuing this weekend and all eyes will be on the holds of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and the performances of new entries THE WATCH and 3D STEP UP REVOLUTION which go out today.

Locally THE DARK KNIGHT RISES grossed $19.5m for its first week of trade against the original THE DARK KNIGHT $15.9m. THE DARK KNIGHT went on to gross $46m.