New Digital Online Novel – Love Bites

Those crazy cats at Wattle Publishing are at it again with this online release – LOVE BITES.

Here’s the official press release:



[July 2012] Wattle Publishing, an independent digital publishing company is pleased to announce the global release of Love Bites: A Collection of Short Stories by Valeria Kogan.


Anastasia Cavouras, Publisher of Wattle Publishing Limited said:  “It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Love Bites.  It is the first work by Valeria Kogan, who has signed a multi-book deal with Wattle Publishing.”


About Love Bites: A Collection of Short Stories by Valeria Kogan 

Love Bites is the provocative debut collection of short stories by Valeria Kogan.  From heartbreak to redemption, Love Bites provides a spellbinding interpretation of love and friendship, glamour and guilt, secrets and deceit. Each story provides a captivating insight into the world of love; its profound impact and effect; and how women relate to their partners.

This cleverly constructed collection of short stories will leave you tantalized and yearning for more. Love Bites is a must-read for every modern woman, reader of romance and romantic enthusiast.

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About the Author: Valeria Kogan

Valeria Kogan was born in Russia and moved to the UK in 1991, where she developed her love of art and literature. Valeria now lives in London, where she enjoys visiting galleries, painting, and training while she works on her second book ‘Bi-pole-ar’, a semi-autobiographical look at mental health issues and how they affect the way that you see the world.


About Wattle Publishing 

Wattle Publishing Limited is an independent publishing company. Under the direction of Anastasia Cavouras the imprint’s Publisher, she has assembled a world-class team of highly talented designers, editors and marketing specialists.  Wattle Publishing publishes highly-coveted fiction and non-fiction titles along with bespoke publications for the luxury markets.


Their mission is to provide authors from the around the world the opportunity to submit their Work direct to a publishing house. The Wattle Publishing team is uniquely placed to identify the potential in a Work and to develop it into a high-quality, published title. They are also uniquely positioned to globally market and distribute the new Work.


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Publisher, Anastasia Cavouras, [email protected]