New Trailer – Jack & Diane (Werewolf Romance Movie With.. Is That Kylie Minogue?)

The film, the latest from “The Exploding Girl” director Bradley Rust Gray, stars (Juno) Temple as Diane, who falls under the spell of another tough girl, Jack (Riley Keough). The two girls quickly end up in love. But Diane is meant to return to France for school in a few weeks, and Jack becomes distant as a result, leading to strange changes which take over Diane’s body. Cara Seymour, Dane DeHaan and Kylie Minogue also star, and the film features animation from the legendary Brothers Quay, and music from Icelandic band múm, with some vocal contributions from Minogue. – Oliver Lyttleton, Indiewire.

I saw a couple of sequences of this film at AFM last year – some of the effects work was pretty cool but I wasn’t sold on what I saw – but hey I only saw a bit not the lot!