Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up July 19 – July 22, 2012 (Dark Knight Ba Ba Ba Bowm Bowm! Dark Knight)

That Ba Ba Ba Bowm Bowm thing is supposed to be a funky bass sound. As expected THE DARK KNIGHT RISES came in and swooped the box office (as it’s done everywhere it’s opened) and Australia’s opening 4 days looks to land at around that pearler of a $15m mark. That will put us in the vicinity of pro rata to the U.S. which looks to come in around the $165m for the weekend (I won’t know actuals till Monday) and it should see the film come in around the $21m for the week. Depending on hold the film is easily in the $45m bracket for theatrical life – but if it can maintain it’s week on week hold to around the 50% mark the film should be able to scale $50m before it finishes up!


TED. Wow. There’s no way around it – it is the surprise smash hit of the year! This thing will crack $30m by wednesday and THE HANGOVER II you really have a contender coming to kick your Bangkok tattooed ass. TED has a major competitor up against it releasing thursday in MAGIC MIKE, because Mike will take the girls away from TED so it’s up to the lads to keep on pushing TED if it’s going to take the MA title for Australia!



ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT held up well but as you can see from the stats below it’s $1m gross for 3rd place really tells you there were only 2 films Aussies were interested in this weekend –  a man in lycra and a teddy bear – we’re a sophisticated bunch aren’t we? ICE AGE’s solid weekend rally (now that we’re off school holidays) is really proving substantial with a good 80% of the $1m weekend coming from sat sun – as long as exhibitors hang onto to those weekend sessions for the next few weeks there’s no reason the film can’t gross $27m in Australia



THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN copped it pretty viciously from the big bad bat, coming in 4th with $1m gross for the weekend, the film is pretty much over now and it’ll be a battle to maintain sessions under the might of DARK KNIGHT which will completely out gross it by Tuesday. If it gets the support to stay on screens with solid sessions the film still can hit that $17.5m mark for life – still the softest performer in the franchise here – but in line with MEN IN BLACK 3. Either way you look at it – it’s still a hit!



BRAVE enjoyed, to a lesser level, the same weekend bounce that ICE AGE 4 did. Again if the film can stay on screens for those key weekend sessions this puppy should come home at the $16.5m mark.





SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN welcome to the $20m club this week – having copped a 1-2 punch by SPIDER-MAN and then DARK KNIGHT, the film is quietly achieving an almost $550k weekend and will jump over that $20m milestone in the next 5 days! What a win!
Congrats also to MADMAN for their A ROYAL AFFAIR which clicked over $1m lifetime gross in Australia! Aussies, mad for anything in a corset!


1. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – RDS – Week 1 – $15m – cume $15m (forecast $45m)

2. TED – UNI – Week 3 – $2.9m – cume $28.7m ($34m)

3. 3D ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT – FOX – Week 4 – $1.08m – cume $25.5m (forecast $27m)

4. 3D THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – SON – Week 3 – $1m – cume $15.7m (forecast $17.5m)

5. 3D BRAVE – DIS – Week 5 – $570k – cume $15.7m ($16.5m)

6. SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN – Week 5 – $530k – cume $19.1m (forecast $20.5m)

7. HYSTERIA – HOP – Week 2 – $260k – cume $800k (forecast $1.5m)

8. 3D KATY PERRY: PART OF ME – PAR – Week 3 – $166k – cume $2.8m (forecast $3m)

9. THE THREE STOOGES – FOX – Week 4 – $120k – cume $3.4m (forecast $3.7m)

10. A ROYAL AFFAIR – MAD – Week 5 – $100k – cume $1.04m (forecast $1.3m)

Figures sourced from RENTRAK. Forecasts hairbrained, guessed, pretending to be accurate by Aza..